Dear Customers,

I hope all is well.  Due to unpredictable market conditions in housing and currency devaluations we are no longer taking on new clients.

All clients currently in process will be taken care of properly.  We wish all of you the best with your needs.  

We are not going out of business rather, letting the market conditions play out.  We are anticipating a future recession in 2013.  Therefore, no NEW Real Estate, Notes, or Factoring transactions will be initiated.  Thank you. 

All the Best.

Josh Maxwell

Disclaimer:  US Funding Source & Holdings, LLC make no promises to stop or save property foreclosures to any property owner or trustee of said property.  We will make efforts to negotiate approved Short Sale prior to auction dates.  If negotiations are unsuccessful then the property will go to auction and is left out of our control.  Our efforts are for investment profit and will not in any way eliminate debt owed by the property owner.